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The Comapany

Thanks to its long experience, Boso s.n.c. has developed a rapid and efficient organizational system. Our staff is made up of 20 specialised workers who have been specifically and constantly trained to process and treat fish products.
Safety and quality are guaranteed by a meticulous control of the merchandise upon arrival.
Only after having ascertained the quality and suitability of the fish by controlling it on olfactory, visual and tactile levels, the following step is storage in special cold store refrigerators. The so-called cold and traceability chains are accurately maintained throughout all stages of production.

Fish is sold intact or – upon request of our clients – cleaned, gutted, filleted, weighed and packaged as needed.
Products can be sold separately for fish shops and restaurants or packaged for large-scale retail trade.

Fish is packaged in trays with an exclusive skin packaging system which enables the product to be sealed and preserved without any added gases or preservatives.