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The company had already begun processing Norwegian stockfish back in 1955.
This activity met with the immediate approval of clients and was perfected over the years by investing in cutting-edge equipment and focusing constantly upon the quality of the fish.
This constant development has contributed over time to making the “Boso” brand renowned and valued on the market, assuring its position as a leader in the sector.
Currently, the sales of wet stockfish correspond to about 70% of its overall sales.

The Gadus Morhua is considered the finest cod and is imported directly from the Lofoten Islands in Norway where our company’s experts travel to assist in the fundamental stages of fishing and drying, personally supervising the selective process. Once the product has arrived at our plant in Italy, cod is either processed “Trentino style” (a partial cut along the fish’s spine) or “Genovese style” (with a horizontal cut). After that, the fish is immersed in a solution of water and other ingredients which have been masterfully handed down from one generation to the next.
Stockfish that has been processed like this is guaranteed a shelf life of 10 days if preserved properly.
The fish is very tender and ready to serve after only a few minutes of preparation.